Linn Lounge – an enjoyable evening of great hifi

Recently I have attended some “Linn Lounge” events hosted by a Linn dealer, during which a Linn representative gives a talk about the career of a featured artist, playing a selection of tracks on a demo system to showcase Linn equipment and hi-res downloads from Linn Records and other partner labels.

The events I attended were hospitably and professsionally hosted by Michael at Lyric Hifi in Belfast. Everyone is welcomed with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, some snacks and a general chat. The event starts with Michael giving an overview of some typical Linn digital streaming configurations, and answering questions. He explains why certain recommendations are made and what products he has found to work well.

George from Linn then gives a presentation lasting an hour or so, in which he steps through the career of the featured artist, playing tracks periodically, in studio master quality when possible. I have found these presentations to be well-researched and enjoyable.

Micheal sets up a couple of different systems for each event, and I’ve heard music on systems ranging from merely fairly expensive to eye-wateringly expensive, and while I could never afford the £30k system, it was a joy to hear – as great hifi always is.

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