Reasonably priced calibrated microphones

Following on from this post on signalscope io devices, I needed a reasonably priced calibrated microphone for use with signalscope. Two contenders are the Behringer ECM8000 and the Dayton Audio EMM6.

The EMM6 is available in Europe from Intertechnik and in the States from Parts Express (considerably more cheaply 😦 ) The ECM-8000 is available from Parts Express.

The EMM6 comes with an individual calibration result, which is nice, and Cross-Spectrum labs offer an enhanced calibration service for these microphones.

Both will require an external phantom power source. The Alesis ProTrack is one option, or you can use a dedicated phantom power box (which again are about three times as expensive in Europe as in the states) and a separate preamp.

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